Founders of the IBRO

Meet Steve and Violet Abney

Steve Abney personally started in the bigfoot field in 1979, and Violet and Steve have been together for ten years as husband and wife bigfoot field researchers at that time, we came up with the idea of have other people participating in the field of work then, and the Indiana Bigfoot Research Organization came in to being in 2005, but has been known as many names, but the same organization, finally the final name came in to being at the second camp out in 2013, when Penny Goad of Evansville In, helped us name the organization, but in the past under other names, the research has always been the same. with high respect to land owners, law enforcement, and with the commitment of a no kill research, as well to our natural resources such as out forests and state parks, rivers, streams and lake. our type of research is completely different then other states, we use the no harm, open heart, open mind, and totally loose the fear method of research, this is a must if you any seed of hope in the field of work. then as we got older and the years of wear and tear on our bodies and health going worse, we decided to semi retire and let a gentleman by the name of Leroy Nail, from Martinsville IN. take over the the complete research as Violet and I hide in the shadows, or become shadow researchers if you will. after meeting Leroy Nail, I was excited and enthused with this mans’ people skills, his forestry skills, and research skills, and his wife like mine was standing behind him to do this work, it is so important to have both sides of the adults in a house hold to have the same page skills if you will.

List of Books by Steve Abney