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Welcome to our page, where you can find reports from across Indiana.  If you have an experience or a story, Please visit our make a report page or email us from the contact page. Thanks for stopping by our Webpage.  Please check out our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/IBROrganization/

Native Americans around the State and across the US, have many legends as well as myths. The myths have been handed down as giant hairy hominids. Many of the legends are saying that these giant beings are or brothers. Some call them the wild man of the woods, yet others call them the boss of the woods. What ever the legend may lend to, there is one thing in common, there is something out there.

Since recent tv shows about bigfoot , there are more people  interested in the Bigfoot phenomenon, and wanting to do research. Researchers of the IBRO are always glad to take someone new and show them how we research.  Indiana Bigfoot Research Organization, have various ways to do research, and we are proud of our record in helping people to learn the proper way of doing research. LeRoy Nail and associates are a no Kill, and professional researchers that willing to help people with no experience to obtain the basic research teaching tools, needed for the inexperienced to get out on their own, safely and with the know how, of what to look for.

Indiana Bigfoot Research Organization,  is a non-profit organization this website is for posting reports that have been turned in. Even though we  investigate we can not be held responsible for verify and providing solid proof on any of the reports.